exo kai personality May 28 2014 Position Leader of EXO M Main rapper sub vocalist Born November 6th 1990 Astrological Zodiac Sign Scorpio Personality Cool serious lazy warm hearted observant child like at times father figure to the other members personality of a leader. Just Look At Me Weareone Blackexo Jenkai Kai Exo Jennie . Then on 23 rd of December 2011 he got introduce in the Exo member and performed for the first televised performance along with EXO members Tao Chen and Luhan. Xiumin Chanyeol Suho Chen Sehun Lay and Baekhyun. All in all no matter what personality you re attracted to there is at least one EXO member that you re bound to fall in love with. if u have any suggestion video please inform me in my twitter or by comments i D. Seems like he s born to dance. EXO K MEMBERS BaekHyun A post shared by EXO BAEKHYUN Sep 14 2017 On September 14 Andante released their character poster and descriptions for their four main leads EXO s Kai Kim Jin Kyung Baek Chul Min and Lee Ye Hyun. Sehun wants a girl who looks and dresses chic and is confident even arrogant. Sehun Dance is fun but also difficult. Find your true personality match Dominique Mcclelland. He has a humorous and very playful personality. He has an undying love for dance and is skilled in various genres of dance. I think he would be interested in her life and would want to hear her life story. I think he would be more interested in her personality than race. Three of the Chinese members left the group some time later and nowadays the band carries on with 9 members. For his top he chose a heritage bee check jacket from the same collection which can currently be bought for 2400 a white oversize washed T shirt with Gucci logo 480 along with matching Gucci sneakers and bag. Their fandom called EXO L . Are you the tall one or short one in your friend group Short Tall Top Rated Trivia Personality Latest Create. Entertainment and it created debut in 2012. He dated a rich trainee. I wanted to put Kai Exo here as well but there are close to no videos of him full on freestyling for a decent amount of time so i decided to scrap that in any case while I acknowledge that Kai is a great dancer i prefer Lay and his freestyle is one of the reasons why . Somewhere you ll hear about the 7 year curse and recently EXO s activities are getting more and more sparse than the beginning the members have to wait a long time for their recent comeback with Love Shot. Mar 08 2013 exo fighting we fans in the Ifugao Philippines love exo all of my callmates are fun of exo we wanted that exo would have a concert at lamut ifugao Philippines sarangheo D. 1. EXO surfaced on April 8 2012 Apr 18 2014 Kai Kai s number is the hardest to find. PANN MEMBERS AND FRIENDS TALK ABOUT EXO KAI. He is super adorably cute in Andante and Super Handsomely Hot in SHC with wonderful acting nbsp D. From being in a global idol group and visiting different parts of the Jan 18 2018 K POP POWER EXO members Chanyeol Kai Chen Sehun Suho Xiumin and Baekhyun at the Dubai Fountain My favourite member is Sehun but Chanyeol stole the show with his fun personality. Sep 20 2014 like either irl or on here which exo member do you think you have the most in common with personality wise it can just be how you think a certain way how you behave interact etc. Their song Love Talk for example has an English version and is a hit on social media. Chen released his first solo song since debut titled The Best Luck In July 2014. Though the group was later left by some members but still the band continued on with 9 members. Heres him laughing to nbsp 13 Aug 2018 You will realize that EXO consists of a bunch of adorable boys once you see this. EXO SKY Sehun Kai Chanyeol EXO M. Taemin from SHINee EXO s Baekhyun and Kai NCT 127 s Taeyong and Mark and Ten and Lucas of Chinese band WayV. Kai was the first member who arrived at the zone where the journalists were sitting. On October 31 2016 EXO s three person sub unit EXO CBX official debuted. His thick voice is charming. and Chen. His family is composed by four members including him and they are his Dad Mom and his Elder Brother. Kai is just meh I 39 m neutral towards him but more on the dislike side Sry little hamster but I don 39 t find you as someone sticking out with anything in exo. Jun 25 2018. There are many EXO songs such as Wolf and Monster that use the high notes of Chen but the one that I personally thought was Drop That . Xiumin D. EXO K consisted of Chanyeol D. Dubstep under microscope 1. Jun 24 2018 Music Personality Exo Kpop Suho Report. Personality Quizzes Stories . He formed a temporary band with his high school classmates. We have servants for a reason so you don t have to be hurt. o. Mar 29 2017 True EXO Personality Test Find your true personality match You are just like Kai You are quiet and may come off as cold but you are warm on the inside. He jokes around with the members often and clings onto the managers too. 21 in fanfiction This is my third book Jul 23 2012 Kris Kris only reveals his true personality once he 39 s comfortable hence face at first biggest failing loser dork now and cares for EVERY member. Admission into SOPA SOPA has various departments such as broadcasting arts and practical music while each department has just 2 classes for new students. Sehun was scouted by a casting agent on the streets when he was twelve and was finally cast into S. In April 2012 they officially debuted and released a single titled Max EXO K D. The handsome idol starred in a black and white pictorial filled with must have Fall Winter season runway apparel. Exo exo cbx exo xiumin exo suho exo kai exo lay exo baekhyun exo chanyeol exo chen exo sehun exo d o exo kim jongin exo kim minseok exo kim junmyeon exo kim jongdae exo zhang yixing exo byun baekhyun park chanyeol exo park chanyeol exo do kyungsoo exo oh sehun Kai Kai was waiting at the in the cafe for the person his friend invited while sipping his drink when out of nowhere he felt a strange feeling. The group s latest comeback was last year in december with their amazing Music Video Love Shot that s approaching 200 Million views on Youtube. EXO s Chanyeol and Sehun recently appeared on MBC FM4U s Good Morning FM Jang Sung Kyu where Chanyeol opened up about his past experience with bullying and how that changed his personality. jonginkim on Mar 5 2019 at 6 21am PST Kai s ideal type is somebody who cares about him also has a kind heart he also wants to feel comfy around his girl so that he can share his happy along with gloomy minutes with her. Youth Best Contest in 2007 which he won. star2 When EXO is on break Kai likes to go biking read a book listen to music dance go online and surf YouTube videos. Exo is a South Korean Chinese boy band based in Seoul with nine members named Xiumin Suho Lay Baekhyun Chen Chanyeol D. There are currently 9 active members SuHo D. But the two found time for each other regardless. He is a member of the South Korean Chinese boy group Exo its sub unit nbsp 32 Along with Lu Han Chen and Exo K 39 s Kai Tao made his first televised He personality is very Kind troll prankster funny hyper gentle considerate and nbsp report EXO member Kai and f x member Krystal are dating Both are also known and their cold personalities and their good looks as well as their fit bodies . EXO Instagram By Posted on September 7 2020 In Uncategorized 0 No tags 0 He is one who loves to prank others and play around but he is also humble and generous. These 1 mm thick skins stickers give personality to your device while also providing minor scratch resistance. Initially EXO consisted of 12 members. Nov 30 2017 Suho Xiumin Lay Baekhyun Chen Chanyeol D. Image result for exo kai It is a bit hard to get deeper into his personality as he doesn 39 t express his emotions nbsp I 39 d say that in EXO Kai is the member whose on and off stage personality are the most different. Well Chanyeol Kai Sehun and Irene are fraternal Quadruplets that are born together but are completely nonidentical from each other. O Kai or Sehun More quiz to Play Kpop Quiz. BoA is one of the most iconic soloists in K pop he has been on stage for 20 years exciting all him fans with original music that expresses him personality. He made first televised performance alongside fellow EXO members Luhan Chen and Tao as well as other S. Very possessive. Jenkai Muzik Grubu Muzik Chen was the last member to join EXO M. He is close with Kai and known as Kaisoo Kai and Kyungsoo . Disclaimer this ranking is for entertainment purposes only and with it I do not intend to demean or make less of the talent or charisma of any of the members. EXO Now includes nine members Suho Xiumin Lay Baekhyun Chen Chanyeol D. but they 39 re still playing a part and the only way to actually Kim Joon Kim Min Seok Baekhyun Chanyeol Exo Kai K Pop Exo Facts Luhan And Kris Korean Boys Ulzzang Exo Official DAILYEXO Kai Chanyeol Suho 151023 First official photobook Die Jungs photocard Credit Alice_6194. Pin By Jekyll On Lockscreen Exo Baekhyun Sehun Celebrities . Lee Hyun Woo had to travel to Japan nbsp 4 Feb 2014 EXO Member Profile. O. Kai whose real nbsp 21 Nov 2017 EXO 39 s Kai was the special MC for SBS 39 s Inkigayo yesterday taking actor Lee Hyun Woo 39 s place. 12 Apr 2019 EXO 39 s managers revealed a side to each of the members off stage that no fans Kai 39 s secret is that he has two contrasting sides to himself. In the never nbsp 10 Jan 2020 10 Iconic Outfits EXO 39 s Kai Has Pulled Off Like No One Else Could every aspect of Kai 39 s personality and style mysterious elegant bold nbsp I just wanna give props to Kai for doing his job as EXO 39 s center and image so well that some people mistake it as his actual personality. Then later after the user leaves a thank you reply she adds user Chanyeol and Baekhyun have the idol personality. Sasaengs who were Kai biased change their bias later because of his bad Jul 20 2017 EXO members 39 diary is released. is actually in charge of cooking most of the time. Except your nice personality exo exosnet 8yearswithexo exo gif mine gif baekhyun chen kai xiumin yixing suho sehun chanyeol kyungsoo my little universe no words can ever describe how grateful i am to have loved you in this lifetime i never knew i could love anyone so much or experience so much joy i 39 m a better person because i 39 ve loved exo and i will support them Aug 24 2018 And when the EXO members were traveling all around the concert hall all the EXO fans were standing giving support for EXO but the journalists were sitting on chairs because we had to write articles. Kai Sehun Suho and Baekhyun while EXO M consisted of Tao Xiumin Chen Luhan Kris and Lay. do kyungsoo kyungsoo suho exo do kyungsoo exo do kai baekhyun sehun lay chanyeol chen xiumin kpop k pop idol k pop love shot tempo don 39 t mess up my tempo 130 notes Jan 13th 2019 Open in app EXO is a South Korean Chinese boy group based in Seoul. Sep 26 2014 The EXO members revealed their ideal types to DJ DOC while recording for EXO 90 2014. O Kai Lay Kai EXO Kai was spotted wearing the trendy suit at Incheon Airport when he was flying to Paris for Gucci Cruise 2019 Show event. uibblo Membership is FREE Create Your Profile in 30 Seconds Already have a Quibblo account Login. He was ready to go to extreme lengths to keep you safe No no Put this knife down. I d say that aren t many in the team he sees eye to eye is pleased with. Sometimes we have questions about How tall is exo kai At the moment 16. Hello bows I will be posting reblogging things with EXO and their birthdates zodiac signs. He had personality warm hearted and he would like to treat everyone well but when It comes to expressing feelings he gets awkward. Here is a list of 17 Korean dramas with EXO members. Loves you even more becaus he know can be cuddly too around you Suho exo suho d. Sources reveal that the two are supposedly dating according to evidence. 21 Aug 2013 DISTINGUISHABLE TRAIT ABS exo kai 2 middot Screen Shot 2013 08 20 at who is kind hearted cute and respectful with a positive personality. Oh Se hun better known as Sehun is a South Korean rapper singer songwriter dancer model and actor. 18 Mar 2014 Kai Personality Analysis I must admit Kai actually took a little while to grow on me when I first found out about EXO. He is always passionate about playing and learning instruments. Aug 30 2018 Suzy Girl s Day Hyeri Sulli Apink Naeun Red Velvet Joy GFriend Yuju Eunha Yerin CNBLUE Jonghyun BTS Jungkook EXO Kai Sehun SEVENTEEN Dokyeom and more. O nags the other EXO K members if they don t clean up. He is simple minded and lives a honest life. exo fighting sarangheo anyeong exo exo outfits exo date exo clothes exo ideal types exo scenarios kpop outfits kpop clothes kpop ideal types kpop scenarios kim jongin kai kim jongdae chen kim minseok xiumin park chaneyeol do kyungsoo d. Stay tuned for more quizzes. 6K views. Sep 11 2020 honestly if you want to see what EXO 39 s personality can be like i highly recommend watching the knowing brothers episode with them 13 Panda Sep 11 2020 at 6 16 AM Multi_Smile and searust K leader Suho s personality I d say do not be fooled by his genial appearance. He s confident and executing the dance amazingly. Exo Blackpink Kai Sehun Chanyeol Suho Jennie Lisa Rose . The group consists of Suho Baekhyun Chanyeol D. He was the first member of EXO K to be introduced and he is the most frequent member to make an appearance. Afterwards in 2011 the band was divided into two subgroups which came to be known as Exo K and Exo M respectively performing in Korean and Mandarin. Byun Baek hyun better known as simply Baekhyun is the lead vocalist of EXO K. The 26 year old main dancer of popular K pop boy group EXO and a member of global K pop boyband SuperM beloved for his powerful moves and experimental style read crop tops that challenges the traditional markers of masculinity. kim junmyeon suho byun baekhyun zhang yixing lay oh sehun Exo Kai Exo Luhan Exo Sehun Exo Kyungsoo Exo Kris Exo Chanyeol Exo Baekhyun Exo Jongdae Exo Lay Exo Xiumin Exo Suho Exo Tao 22 nov 2015 Your number one Asian Entertainment community forum Aug 30 2018 Suzy Girl s Day Hyeri Sulli Apink Naeun Red Velvet Joy GFriend Yuju Eunha Yerin CNBLUE Jonghyun BTS Jungkook EXO Kai Sehun SEVENTEEN Dokyeom and more. EXO MBTI and Personality in General Kai Kai INTJ Ni dominant Te secondary Fi tertiary Se inferior The traits I see in Kai are these blunt a bit too direct sometimes spaced out from time to time very introverted and confident with a hidden sexual side to him. Korean boy groups also have to deal with the country s mandatory military Jul 03 2014 exo creates a fantasy just like every other idol group. O s ideal type is a girl who is kind and eats well. o kai kris lay luhan xiumin tao yifan jongin kyungsoo jongdae yixing minseok zitao Jul 28 2017 EXO also struggles with the perception that they are too perfect a manufactured pop act without much personality. He had already appeared in 17 Songs 9 Music Video 6 Songwriting 1 TV Drama. Jun 12 2017 Ok exo is fun yeah ok ok ok. Ravi said he was close to Kai and Tao. The group was created in 2011 by S. EXO K. The vocalist of EXO K wants his ideal type to be someone Dec 26 2017 so here is it a very very unhelpful guide to the sexy bomb nini hope u enjoy. O is very good an cooking and he is obsessed with clean. Finally EXO members 39 diary was released. Kai saw you approached and his heart quickened. Although up to now EXO has turned seven years old. can you see glimpses of who they really are in their body language speech and mannerisms sure just like you can with any actor. Entertainment. And His Personality Part II Me and my friend are writing a Kaisoo fanfic and it 39 d be great if we have your analysis of Kai 39 s personality too because Reblog reaction reactions exo gif reaction exo reaction exo gif scenario exo scenario exo imagine exo gif exo fanfiction kpop gif kpop reaction kpop scenario suho sehun baekhyun chanyeol chen d. If he sees clothes lying around he ll lecture them. Xiumin I think is an open minded person. Aug 31 2019 My favorite is EXO Kai Kim Jong In because he has a beautiful personality. Well if u get Kai good for u if not I 39 m sorry. O If I had to compare him to a puppy I d say a maltese. He is a member of the boy group EXO its sub units EXO K and EXO CBX and SM Entertainment supergroup SuperM. After Wolf era he improved along with Luhan or they got better at hiding Kai looks at sasaengs with disgust in his eyes sasaengs don t dare to message him on Kakaotalk. But Irene being the only girl among the Quads has a hard time finding a boyfriend because of her over protective brothers. Name Kim Jongin Stage Name Kai Birthday January 14 1994 Height 182 cm Blood When he s performing EXO s Kai is pure intensity and power but when he isn t performing he s just a big softie who loves nothing more than to share his happiness with others. EXO 39 s Sehun. And because of her He 39 s not a chaebol or something but my sister said his personality is amazing. The traits I see in Kai are these blunt a bit too direct nbsp He now lives in an apartment and lives his life with sluts drinks sm LeeezaV middot alwayswithexo kimjongin exo exokai kaiexo exo_l kai nbsp 17 Feb 2019 Kim Jongin Kai . 02. Entertainment in 2008 after going through four auditions in two years. The group was created in 2011 by SM Entertainment but they had their debut only in 2012. We will make quiz for all kpop groups. 25 Jun 2018 EXO 39 s Kai Talked about His Introvert Personality and Having Alcohol in a Party. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. There are 6 questions in this quiz and every answer means something similar between you and an EXO member. Which exo member are you 10 Questions Developed by Developed on 2015 01 13 143 002 taken User Rating 3. Formed by S. Take this amazing scientific test to find out If you have always wanted your personality intermagically imposed on 12 guys who are or used to be in a Korean Chinese boy band this test is for you Unit EXO K Kai Facts Personality Sometimes manly sometimes child like noisy warm hearted bossy likes to play games hard to express feelings He is friends with SHINee 39 s Taemin He made a brief appearance in TVXQ 39 s MV quot HaHaHa Song quot along with members Suho and Chanyeol He has a habit of often biting his lips Which exo member are you 10 Questions Developed by Developed on 2015 01 13 143 002 taken User Rating 3. He 39 s also very flirty. There is no doubt that just like other geographical regions in the world South Korean fashion is also different and unique. That is why he called Umma because of his personality. EXO surfaced on April 8 2012 On stage personality He is exemplar polite considerate to his members and very nice and gentle like a fatherly figure that will take care of you. Tao is nbsp 12 Dec 2019 omg jongin did the mbti personality test because a fan asked him to at I need the rest of EXO to take this test to satisfy my curiosity giggles . O made comment mistake Kai D. Which day6 member are you most like 7 responses 0 by NobodyReally. O Kai BaekHyun ChanYeol Sehun Chen Xiumin and Lay. Currently the boy band consist nine members including Kai D. Uncommon art for your Macbook Air Macbook Pro Macbook Pro Retina and PC laptops. Family N A Height 187cm or 6 feet 1 inches Weight 73kg or 161lbs Blood Type O Education N A Kai D. SEHUN INTP Logician BAEKHYUN ISFP Adventur Jun 25 2018 EXO 39 s Kai Talked about His Introvert Personality and Having Alcohol in a Party SUBSCRIBE our channel Superman TV for more Videos Top Trending Today Kpop Hottest News Trends May 17 2018 Want to know more about EXO Well did you know that when EXO first debuted they actually had 12 members and 2 subgroups That 39 s right EXO K for Korean songs and EXO M for Chinese songs. Xiumin Sehun Chen and Lay. EXO Members Profile Age Height amp Facts South Korean based music band EXO is the mixture of Korean and Chinese boys. XiuminWould absolutely love it. What will happen between Kai and Y N and with that 4 pictures showed up on the screen. While all You Know Their Real Personalities Read Also Kai s Mic Stand Broke and Chanyeol who Took Over His Place has the Most Epic nbsp 27 Dec 2018 As far as Jungian personality types go it 39 s much safer to determine one 39 s During Kai and Sehun 39 s Baby Don 39 t Cry performances this was very nbsp certain though Kai and possibly Chen are some of the kindest members of EXO. Enjoy playing May 15 2018 BAD BOY Cherry COMPLETED CHAPTERS END ARE PRIVATE Highest rank 12 in short story. The idol was chosen as the first Korean male global ambassador nbsp . May 28 2020 Before being an EXO member Kai was a contestant in the 10 th S. EXO was created by Korean company SM Entertainment in 2011 and band debuted in 2012. Sehun I ve never done either of those and I generally have done urban dance. Chen has especially beautiful high notes and is in charge of the high notes part of EXO songs. Who do you think has a trashy personality between them True EXO Personality Test. He made his solo debut on July 10 2019 with the mini album City Lights. Upon the departure of members Kris Luhan and Tao the group currenly consists of Xiumin Lay and Chen with the former two currently inactive from group activities. D. Kai I think it will still be difficult even 10 years from now. 15 2b Begenme 29 Yorum Instagram Da Jennie X Kai . Jun 19 2017 Kai was the first EXO member to be formally introduced to the public on December 23 2011. Luhan Pre debut He was known to be very popular Exo Sehun MBTI and General personality analysis The first time Sehun got my attention was in Exo next door but that was just a role he played. In the released poster the The band was afterwards in 2011 divided into two subgroups which came to be known as Exo K and Exo M respectively performing in Korea and Mandarin. KPOP is an idol that everyone knows. Entertainment says so themselves Kai and Krystal have been friends for years now as they are both in the same company. While Kai is a confident charismatic performer Kim Jongin is a nbsp exokai wattys2018 drama. Unit EXO K Kai Facts Personality Sometimes manly sometimes child like noisy warm hearted bossy likes to play games hard to express feelings He is friends with SHINee 39 s Taemin He made a brief appearance in TVXQ 39 s MV quot HaHaHa Song quot along with members Suho and Chanyeol He has a habit of often biting his lips Mar 10 2018 Height Exo Kai. Closer with the nbsp The acting is phenomenal and beautiful projected by EXO KAI. on the way to a music station Kai always takes a little nap Kai is said to be the biggest eater in EXO. Connect via Kai Ballet. He is also a member of its sub unit EXO CBX. Jenkai Black Pink Suho Orang . suho facts chanyeol. Diary includes writers 39 the deepest sincere truth about themselves. This time I would like to introduce the cover of the magazine in which EXO Kai appeared. Entertainment artists at the year end music program SBS Gayo Daejeon on December 29 2011. 23 Jun 2019 I think his personality is similar to mine. justforjinyoung doobseedoba wangjinbeom. When you want to know someone deeply the easiest way is to read someone 39 s diary. They have been in many dramas in lead and supporting roles. He speaks basic English. Aug 16 2017 South Korean singer Jessica Jung has opened up about her sister 39 s split from EXO 39 s Kai. When it was formed it consisted of total nine members Suho Chanyeol Baekhyun Kai D. O facts He loves cooking and mostly cooks for the members. Each diary can show each member 39 s personality. Kai EXO Profile and Facts Kai s Ideal Type Stage Name Kai Birth Name Kim Jong In Position Main Dancer Sub Vocalist Sub Rapper Birthday January 14 1994 Zodiac sign Capricorn Nationality Korean Height 182 cm 6 0 Blood Type A Hometown Seoul South Korea Specialties Dance ballet jazz hip hop popping rocking Subunit EXO K Super Power Badge Kai s secret is that he has two contrasting sides to himself. O Kai and Sehun. Dec 24 2018 EXO s Kai and f x s Krystal soompi. Kai and Sehun. Jul 26 2020 As far as I know 5 of them have taken it and revealed it. Whenever he s serious quiet or he does aegyo a maltese is still a maltese. And that s exactly what he did when he discovered some candy in his bag during one of EXO s EXplOration concerts Jul 09 2018 This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Sep 11 2016 Unit EXO K Super Power Badge Earth. KAI INFJ Advocate CHANYEOL He recently got ISFJ but he denied saying that he is an ENFJ T Protagonist SUHO Same as Chanyeol ENFJ A. Jul 14 2012 Kai and Sehun Maknaes of EXO K majority of Korean students spend more time working hard during school not having sex Plus they debuted during school and all that time they spent during training probably didn 39 t give them the time to get girlfriends or make them into long term relationships for sex Kai may give off that dirty vibe but look Most pairings involve Exo NCT WayV SuperM or characters from the Untamed so if that 39 s your thing come check them out either here or on Twitter where I ask for requests . exo exo k exo scenario exo kai kai kim jongin kim jongin When did EXO debut Kai who came in to surprise them. Random Story Kim Jongin Kai Your Opinions About Exo Would You Rather SHINee Edition B1A4 Marry Date or Dump Exo is popular as a South Korean Chinese based boy group working from Seoul. Other than this Sehun has also starred in various television dramas and films such as Secret Queen Makers 2018 and Dokgo Rewind 2018 . Which Track From Exo S Obsession Perfectly Matches Your Personality Exo News Sing For You Personality Quizzes . You were his precious angel in need of protection. personality quiz. When he s performing on stage Kai brings all the focus onto him making you feel breathless. On the show Chanyeol explained the behind story of their newly released song Fly Away A. ks eks oh Korean is a South Korean Chinese boy band produced by S. Xiumin also said at Yinyuetai Interview that D. Currently he s not close to anyone in the team. Krystal Jung who is a member of South Korean girl group f x broke up with the boy band member in June. He is always passionate about playing and learning instruments. May 31 2020 Then there s also Kai. Kai came back to Korea on February 16th after EXO s LA tour. Dec 10 2019 NAVER TVCAST SM staff gave Kai 39 s mom an EXO signed CD 1478 7 Heol but Kai 39 s mom is really kind Kai was brought up to be kind by his mom 1264 8 Wow the mom must have been amazed and proud the world is so small 1188 7 Kai 39 s mom is really wise As expected the reason why Kai has a kindhearted Roommate of EXO Kai Chen Super Power Badge Water Date of Birth May 22th 1991 Birthplace Seoul South Korea Zodiac Sign Gemini Family Father Mother Older Brother 87 line Personality Exemplar polite and considerate Height 176 cm Weight 65 kg Blood Type AB Favorite Food Sushi Favorite Color Violet and Gold Dec 18 2019 Last but not least is Kai who has an amazing duality. M. He has an older brother Byun Baekbeom. He looks tough About Kai Lay amp Tao 39 s waist hurt it can come back anytime moreover they practise hard. SM Entertainment which represents Kai and. O said that Xiumin as lovely hyung just like him having similar personality and role in Exo M and Xiumin was a hyung that he s love very much. 21 in fanfiction This is my third book He is a bright guy with positive personality. Aug 18 2015 EXO 39 s Kai had a dramatically mature transformation for the September issue of Nylon. quot Why is the 2 sides of him so different quot 198 5 Once you understand Kai 39 s personality it 39 s impossible for you to get out. 11 Jun 2020 HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAI Bear personality 2020KAIDAY OurHappinessKAI HappyKaiDay HappyJonginDay Sep 26 2014 The EXO members revealed their ideal types to DJ DOC while recording for EXO 90 2014. EXO Next Door 2015 I have to put this drama at the top of my list of Korean dramas with EXO members. Pick Your Favorite EXO Songs From Each Year And Discover Which Member You 39 ll Meet In 2021. com Long before the revelation of their dating relationship Kai and Krystal have been tied by international shippers people who want a pair of celebrities to be a real couple due to their similar vibe and traits. It doesn t make sense to me. He was a little shook by it at first but would grow to love it. Feb 04 2014 Sehun along with fellow EXO K members Chanyeol Kai and Baekhyun appeared in Girls Generation sub group Taetiseo music video Twinkle . EXO is a K pop band from South Korea and China. TenAsia got a preview of what Sehun and Kai s ideal types are. At the end of Kai s answer EXO breaks out into star2 Kai likes tapping people 39 s shoulders. On Mar 29 2017 nbsp To be real with you all the exo are a little fake in front of the camera I mean world so ofcourse they have to be their best personality every frigging second nbsp Personality Kind hearted quiet shy soft and very gentle likes to play games hard to express feelings Kai has the hottest temper out of all of the members. Baekhyun is a South Korean singer and actor under SM Entertainment. Korean media outlet Dispatch broke the news that K Pop supergroup EXO member Kai real name Kim Jong in and f x member Krystal real name Soo Jung are dating. He is the existence of lovable 145 1 I really like Kai. May 12 2013 Exo stylized as EXO pron. Top Rated Trivia Personality Latest Create. I like kyungsoo a lot obviously. . Facts about Sehun His personality is shy but when you get to know him he 39 s more lively His nbsp 19 Jun 2017 Personality Manly Noisy Child like Warm hearted Bossy Likes to play games and Hard to express his feelings Sub Unit EXO K Power nbsp Kim Jong in born 1994 01 14 January 14 1994 better known as Kai is a South Korean singer model actor and dancer. In 2011 the band was formed by SM Entertainment and debuted in 2012. 344. Your innocence made him weak. star2 Kai would love to film a biographical movie about himself from when he was first a newbie and how he is now one of the top idols in South Korea. Seems that you two Exo Blackpink Kai Sehun Chanyeol Suho Jennie Lisa Rose Jisoo . With 21 his personality split into 3. Pin By Kai On Exo In 2020 Exo Exo Korean Exo Kai EXO Kai 39 s fans terrorize child actress 39 Instagram After child actress Park Min Ha shared a picture of herself with a signed EXODUS album and stated she would marry EXO 39 s Kai many of Kai 39 s fans have left nasty comments on her Instagram. Facts about Sehun His personality is shy but when you get to know him he 39 s more lively His motto is quot Let 39 s live while doing thing 39 s we like Dec 25 2019 In your natal chart chanyeol exo k the ten main planets are distributed as follows. Actually I don t really understand why someone would call Kai a slut anyway. Apr 25 2017 Music Personality Kai Lay Chen Exo Exo M Exo K Xiumin Baekhyun Chanyeol Suho Sehun Kim Jong In Kim Jongdae Park Chan Yeol Byeon Baek Hyun Nine members with nine different ideal types. Characters Kai Kim Jongin Chen Kim Jongdae EXO Lee Taemin With 5 votes 48 subscribers 840 views 4 comments 554 words Jongin had always been made fun of for his shy and dorky personality. EXO M. 27. EXO K The sub unit promoting in Korea. Nov 18 2018 Here are some facts about Kai in EXO members profile trivia Sehun similar to Kai also has a timid personality also likes to consume sushi is the closest member to Suho among EXO members already knows Suho at least for 9 years always pray for every EXO members well beings before sleep during nights Nov 20 2013 Sehun isn t self conscious about his lisp in daily life but he doesn t like someone to joke about it excessively. Kai is really popular with everyone to say it nicely he s loyal to say it badly he s a bit over bearing. Kai kinda knew what this feeling was sense people in his pack who already found their mate told him about it. 23 Jun 2019 A Non Fan Shared Her Unexpected Encounter with EXO 39 s Kai and Shared His Off Screen Personality That Makes Her Understand Why He is nbsp 4 Feb 2019 EXO Ls all know EXO 39 s Kai has many sides to him. 1 of 5 18 votes 17 people like it Imagine if you are a member of exo who will you be May 15 2018 BAD BOY Cherry COMPLETED CHAPTERS END ARE PRIVATE Highest rank 12 in short story. Baekhyun 39 s personality is similar to Tao 39 s. So Play this EXO quiz 2018 and share it with your friends. Entertainment in 2011 the group debuted in 2012 with twelve members separated into two subgroups Exo K and Exo M performing music in Korean and Mandarin respectively. 12 Jan 2014 She always talking about EXO whenever she comes to my place. He formed a temporary band with his high school classmates. SM has yet to confirm this but it is very likely that the two are together. The unit 39 s leader is Suho. A girl eating rice cakes. 3. 8 698 views8. O sarangamida exo I am a fan of exo i have all there musics and videos and i always download exo vidoes until my eyes sleeps. EXO. High quality Exo M inspired laptop skins by independent artists and designers from around the world. K. He really thinks of them as brothers and is protective as they are his family now. What Flavor Is Your Personality Most Like Based On Your Favorite K Pop Songs Kai Army _ Once EXO Now includes nine members Suho Xiumin Lay Baekhyun Chen Chanyeol D. They spent the 17th to spend a day with one another. May 01 2020 EXO is a worldwide favorite. Until 2014 the team was divided into two groups EXO M and Jan 24 2018 EXO Kai s Ideal Type 2015 maybe because he wants his girl to be able to conquer his quiet personality. Oh Se hun Korean Hanja better known as simply Sehun was born on April 12 1994 now aged 26 in Seoul South Korea. Dec 19 2019 The singer s personality is brighter than his shining white hair and he thrives on the reactions to the jokes he makes throughout our chat. More than just good at dancing but I feel like dancing is something so essential to him what he can t live without. Mar 06 2019 A post shared by EXO KAI mr. It is definitely the ultimate EXO drama because it is the only one that has all the EXO reacting to you cuddling them in your sleep A N I do not own any of the gifs. Add to library 2 Discussion 16 Kai Log in or sign up. He acted in Exo Next Door in 2015. 1 of 5 18 votes 17 people like it Imagine if you are a member of exo who will you be May 31 2020 Then there s also Kai. He made a brief appearance in TVXQ s music video HaHaHa Song along with EXO K s Suho and Kai. He is a bright guy with positive personality. O A really nice dongsaeng. Profile A post shared by oohsehun on Jan 15 2017 at 12 19pm PST Sehun was born as Oh Se Hun on April 12 1994 in Seoul South Korea . Kai is the face of EXO K and one of their best dancers. He is a confident beast on stage but a sweet and soft teddy bear offstage. Created by Dominique Mcclelland. Off stage personality this is what you re waiting for right Suho doesn t have very close friends amongst exo. He is a member of the South Korean Chinese boy group Exo its sub group Exo K and sub unit Exo SC. May 11 2020 EXO is a Korean musical group which is highly famous and popular in Korean with huge fan followers on every social media and also over the internet. He has an elder brother. no matter how quot real quot you think an idol might be in an interview in exo showtime on stage etc it 39 s all scripted and a part of their image. Xiumin and Suho picked Kai as the member they admired. O It seems like I m seeing myself a member with a similar personality. Birth Name Kim Jong In Stage Name Kai Date of Birth January 14 1994 Position Main Dancer Vocalist Lead Rapper Blood Type A Height 182 cm Nationality Korean Family Father Mother 2 Older Sisters Skills Ballet jazz hip hop popping locking dances FACTS Appeared in HaHaHa Song CF with DBSK Friends with SHINee 39 s Taemin he meet Taemin before they entered SMent has two older 1. all other kpop groups are doing that. Four of them have different stories in their life. He is a sweet person and has a wonderful heart participating in campaigns to help homeless people and single mothers as well as campaigning against harassment suffered Dec 22 2012 Hye i found ur post when i was googling for 39 d. He has a habit of humming songs D. He only had 2 days before his Chicago concert. by IAZ Kai Sehun I love them all Now choose a music video quot Love Me Right quot quot Universe quot quot Electric Kiss quot BAEKHYUN IS ISFP PERSONALITY TYPE 39 Gucci 39 ambassadors IU amp EXO 39 s Kai attend 2020 brand sponsored art exhibit participate in audio tour recording. Aug 31 2019 EXO is one of the most popular K pop groups consist of 9 members Kai Chanyeol Baekhyun Suho Xiumin Sehun Lay D. Mafia Yandere EXO reaction to their s o being sweet and innocent Read at your own risk Xuimin. His thick voice is charming. jonginkim EXO 39 s Kai attended Gucci 39 s Fall 2020 menswear show at Milan Fashion Week on his birthday . EXO members are attracting attention from the fashion world. 2. Aug 22 2017 We all love EXO here so let 39 s take it one step further by asking all you the most important EXO question of all which member is your soul mate Is it Baekhyun Chanyeol Chen D. 0. He s so cute Exo Mbti Exo Mbti EXO still has many more songs but check these out if you want to listen to their music Note All EXO songs are available in Korean and Chinese EXCEPT for those on the EXO CBX Hey Mama Album Korean only and the Coming Over EP and Ka Ching by EXO CBX because those are in Japanese only. Sehun made Aug 13 2012 120811 S. There s always something new to learn. I ve heard that there is a reason for you guys coming here. And doesn t view race as an issue. Dec 03 2019 Search watch and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever all in one place Read EXO Personalities from the story EXO Facts by purplecaeight C with 20 599 reads. INSTIZ Proof that EXO Kai is amazing at Dancing feat. But once he comes down from the stage he returns to the youthful man in his 20 s. For your information the youngest members of EXO Sehun and Kai are also the main nbsp 5 Mar 2019 Personality Analysis Kim Junmyeon EXO Personality Analysis Series Chanyeol A N Someone requested I 39 d do our leader so why not 22 Apr 2015 The Korean fans really can 39 t tell how Sehun 39 s actual personality is like So after Chanyeol sort of upset Kai by teasing him about how Kai 39 s nbsp 13 May 2017 On this he explained that while he is usually a bright and cheerful person there are days when his personality just withdraws. He is a bright guy with positive personality. EXO s Chen members of Super Junior Red Velvet and NCT are just a few artists who celebrated BoA s anniversary by revealing clips with words dedicated to the singer. O looks like he has lot of aegyo but actually he didn t have aegyo. Exoonearewe On With Images Exo Chanbaek Exo Kai Exo For Life . It was submitted by Lenna 44 years old. o exo do sehun exo sehun tao exo 28 Jun 2019 He has a shy personality and is very calm and quiet around people he doesn 39 t know and because his stage image is so strong and he dances as nbsp 21 Nov 2016 KAI 39 S PERSONALITY Heyy guys I 39 m so excited because this the third EXO 39 S PERSONALITIES that. Nevertheless I actually enjoyed his acting in that show because even though he is often without any facial expression he does have a charm and it was well used in the series. Blackpink Tarot Reading Jun 07 2014 Kai attended Seoul Arts High School the same school with F x Sulli Miss A Suzy Jo twins and several other artists. 0 . They have always been close friends but their relationship changed to more in the beginning of this spring. O undergoing two years training before got debut as EXO Member. On January 10 2012 he was introduced as the fifth member of Exo. EXO M The sub unit promoting in China. 16 Mar 2020 Your EXO Preferences Will Reveal Which Title Track Perfectly Matches Your Personality. Baekhyun was born on May 6 1992 in Bucheon Gyeonggi Province South Korea to a couple whose names are undisclosed. He can be cool one minute and be cutest living human in the world the next. o exo cooking 39 haha. Jan 31 2020 EXO Kai 39 s adorable and intense charm. His nationality is Korean. He made a brief appearance in TVXQ s music video HaHaHa Song along with EXO K s Suho and Kai. Many K pop fans especially EXO L and Blinks blame Dispatch for. It s amazing to dance like that but the poster who catches them all is also amazing EXO 39 s Ideal Types by theonlyexoception Question The kind of girl that EXO would be attracted to Personality and everything _____ Baekhyun would like a type of girl who he can joke around with Kai would consider dating a black Korean girl. I used to hate exo haha because they have 12 members that 39 s a lot to me and one fine day i listened to their 39 growl 39 song hooked instantly. This list is different from my beauty or handsome ranking since it mainly based on complete personal opinion based on what member catches my attention for an indefinite amount of time rather that by music video or era. EXO s Kai and F x s Krystal have been confirmed to date S. COVID 19 Updates for updates to airport operations. Call me baby IAZ. Lay D. Mar 28 2017 Exo was originally a 12 member Chinese South Korean boyband which is based in Seoul. Suho Though we tease that he can 39 t control his children Suho is the real father of EXO. He has very good Kai he 39 s really quiet. Trigger warnings will be posted in the beginning notes on necessary chapters. Show discussion 16 Jan 03 2019 Which EXO member will be your husband EXO is a 12 member K Pop boy group and everyone should listen to them Take this quiz to find out who you will marry. Former members Kris Tao and Luhan. Kai Stage Name Kai Birth Name Kim Jong In Position Main Dancer Vocalist Lead Rapper Face of The Group Birthday January 14 1994 Zodiac sign Capricorn EXO was divided into Korean unit EXO K and Chinese unit EXO M K for Korean M for Mandarin. I will also post compatibility also. Ryeowook said Kai was nice he had lots of aegyo and his personality was good. It is best known as the South Korean K boy band with international presence and prominence extensively. As a non fan basically all nbsp EXO MBTI and Personality in General Kai. Kai INTJ Ni dominant Te secondary Fi tertiary Se inferior . Formed in 2012 in Seoul South Korea Exo consists of twelve members who are separated into two subgroups Exo K and Exo M promoting their music in both South Korea and China. i 39 m once again sitting on the same c moniiiexo. O is the member in EXO that has most similar personality as him. Sep 4 2013 Stage Name Baekhyun Real Name Byun Baek Hyun Nickname Bacon Beef Position Main Vocalist Born May 6th 1992 Astrological Zodiac Sign Taurus Personality Bright cheerful kind loves to socialize likes making new friends Family Father Mother older brother 7 years Height 174cm or 5 feet 7 inches Weight 58kg or 128lbs Blood Type O Education Jungwon High School Super Aug 31 2019 EXO is one of the most popular K pop groups consist of 9 members Kai Chanyeol Baekhyun Suho Xiumin Sehun Lay D. Kai Lately I ve been learning several different genres rather than focusing on one. He exo exo k do d. He had a girlfriend before but it s not confirmed now. This photo of EXO s Kai with F x s Krystal was taken yesterday at the mall. that is similar if you share traits with all the members just choose 1 please for me personality wise i think i am Jan 24 2020 HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAI Bear personality 2020KAIDAY OurHappinessKAI HappyKaiDay HappyJonginDay Jul 03 2020 EXO s main vocal Chen. EXO went back and forth of USA and Asia while f x went back and forth from Korean to Japan. And if he had a younger sister he wanted to introduced her to Kai. I like him a lot. Chen is said to be one of the best KPOP artists to sing. Housed under South Korean entertainment powerhouse SM Entertainment both idols have known each other for about 10 years. EXO comes from the term EXOPLANET with the meaning that this group is a rising star from an unknown Planet . Mar 24 2017 Oh Se Hun Known as Sehun is member of EXO and EXO K one of the most famous K POP groups. 2020 we have next information answer 1 74m. Pretty girls can attract everyone but girls with personality will make a guy fall in love. band mostly So I would like to do an EXO quiz because I am a genuine EXO L myself. Kris D. A Wings . They found little time to enjoy their dates. Kai. ART EXHIBITION Taemin with Kai exo MC please say hello to everyone Taemin hello I m SHINee s Taemin Kai hello I m EXO K s Kai MC ah thanks Seeing you two in real person really feels like you re even more handsome. EXO Most of the members are also talented actors. Welcome to this book and feel free to request how a one shot of every smut goes. Kai Shares room with EXO D. Since debuting in 2016 Jisoo Jennie Rose and Lisa have been breaking records and have released hits such. I will pretty much post every combination possible. 5k Followers 29 Following 7547 Posts See Instagram photos and videos from EXO KAI mr. exo kai personality